Health care for women in most of the cases takes a back seat due to various reasons. As women have to do multiple sets of jobs and tasks at the same time and simultaneously, it is becoming more and more difficult for the women of today to take proper health care and beauty care for themselves. Although some of the women start to have an extra nutrition and care for them and they follow effective and some particular healthy diet programs so as to maintain good health, they are unable to maintain it for long time. Women of today should develop healthy eating habits so as to gain good health. There are many diseases which are common in women and women needs to get aware of them so as to prevent and cure them earlier if they get attacked by these diseases. Women of today should also follow the general health tips for their well being and that could maintain them healthy and fit. Diseases such as anemia, anxiety, depression, osteoporosis, migraine, weight gain and weakness are very common today and are attacking most of the women societies and groups. These are the ailments which begin with the simple symptoms but might range to severe degree if adequate and effective care is not provided. Women thus needs to follow the basic health tips which will make them healthy, before it gets too late for everything. Woman for their health awareness, prevention and proper care can take the help of various women’s health magazine, websites and articles present on the internet which can make them aware of the latest products and tips by which they can keep themselves fit and cool and also healthy in all aspects. There are number of women’s health related websites which gives number of healthy tips for women. Following the tips and practicing various healthy activities will indeed improve the health of women if they put a stern eye over the health tips offered by the various sources present online and offline.