Depression raised during Menstruation periods, affects a lot to a woman’s life. During this time woman feels depressed, weakness and are much dis comfortable, restless, etc. She also some times feels vomiting, headache, extra weight gain, weight-age in breasts, etc. They also feels some sort of discomfort in the pelvic areas. Some woman also had to face some irritated and depressed behavior of their family members due to these conditions because at these times women could not perform their daily routine tasks as easily as normal. Lots of women also faces mental and physical problems due to the depression at this time. All these conditions also results in the changes made in her sexual feelings and desires. Their sexual desire towards her partner lowers down gradually and they don’t even want their partners to come near and closeto them. This can probably make their partners irritated. Instead some are seen to have a high increment in sex desires during this time. They always think of sex and want to make it. This increase in sex desires and animalistic drive can be due to contraction of pelvic areas at this time. At this time woman is also free from all the fear of getting pregnant. Apart from all these lot of girls are also seen that does not overcome these pre-menstrual syndrome. And does not faces any problem. They do not have any discomfort in doing their routine work and tasks. They spend these days as normal.