Eyelash enhancement

Learn the new generation of eyelash enhancement techniques

People who desire longer, fuller lashes have several options to make their lashes thicker, longer, and more prominent. From eyelash extensions to lash lift, lash lengthening techniques have evolved through the years.  The subtle change in the eye make-up has…

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Eyelash extension

Buying eyelash extension products in Canada: find a specialized boutique online

In 1882, Truth (A British periodical publication) reported that Parisian women had found a way to elongate lashes by sewing hair from the head sewn into the eyelids, an excruciating process. Thanks to the advent of artificial eyelashes, women can…

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Eyelash extensions

Save time with eyelash extensions

The beauty industry has seen it all when it comes to eyelashes, heated curlers, “miracle” growth serums, magnifying mascaras, you name it. But no beauty trend is as polarizing as lash extensions. The benefits of eyelash extensions go beyond eliminating…

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sapphire stone

What are the health benefits of sapphire stone?

Besides their powerful astrological benefits, they also used to heal your body, mind, and soul. These gems are a standout among the most beneficial stones, which can bring huge profits to the owner, including great well-being. These natural stones have…

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Dental care important for beautiful women

Face and Mouth is an important part of the woman’s beauty so to maintain it life long special care is to be taken to the mouth and so the Dental care is a vital part of personal hygiene for women….

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Health and skin

Health of an individual affects the beauty of the skin to a great extent. The face of the same individual can look ugly or beautiful under different circumstances of health, as the inner health of the body affects it a lot….

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Skin care

Every woman in this world loves to have beautiful skin and likes to take care of their skin to look it beautiful forever. Prettier and sexier the lady more she loves to take care of herself. As ‘an expensive car…

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Importance of beauty for women

Women are seen to be more conscious about their beauty than man. May be Man do not have much of the “actual beauty” and features that we mean today. It is known to all of us that since the beginning…

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Beauty and Skin

Beauty is one of the most important parts of the woman’s care. As most of the women on this earth tries to be more beautiful than any other present near them, the need for the skin care and beauty care…

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5 Different Types of Skin, their Characteristics and Nature

Woman needs to have an idea about their type of skin when they need to have an extra care for their skin. It is also very important for a person to know what type of skin he or she has in…

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