Published on : 28 May 20195 min reading time

Woman’s skin is very sensitive and beautiful and requires proper care to maintain its beauty, smoothness and silkiness. Different types of skin require different types of nourishment. Every woman of today wants to make her skin soft and supple so that it glows and can turn many heads. Glowing skin makes you beautiful, smart and confident too.

How to take care of Dry Skin?

Dry skin is always a problem for most ladies because it looks rash, dull and reflects light badly due to lack of hydration. To take good care of such skin you need to follow a daily regimen. Dryness from the skin can be treated with foundation that helps boost the radiance in your skin. Such skin can get itchy and irritated easily and so to take care of it, lotions or creams can be used which can provide instant moisture. Also using creams or lotions containing chemicals can give negative results. Dry skin need to be moisturized daily and so you can use virgin coconut oil or cocoa butter after your bath. Dry skin should be protected with water containing chlorine or iron and you can also use a humidifier in your bedroom or office so as to remove dryness from your skin making it shiny and glowing.

How to take care of Oily Skin?

Oily skin usually faces problems like pimples and acne and thus need good care so as to look good. Oily skin tends to attract more dirt from the surroundings and so you should clean your face and use light face wash which suits your skin type. Ladies with such skin should use oil free make up and also they should avoid lots of make up as it can look bad on their skin. The easiest way to reduce oil and blackheads from your skin is to use oatmeal paste with olive oil and lemon juice. The paste should be scrubbed properly and then the face should be washed with warm water so as to remove excess oil from your skin and leave a glowing impression. As a skin care routine you can also use weekly mask, containing clay which is an effective skin care for oily skin and will make your skin glow.

How to take care of Anti aging Skin?

Skin is very sensitive part of our body which starts to sag with age and so you should take care of your skin which slowly shows its sign of aging. Consumption of right and portentous food like nuts, seeds, and vegetables helps as anti aging skin care for your skin. Face pack with grated cucumber or applying fresh Aloe Vera gel is very good for such skin. Massaging your face with almond oil, ghee or coconut oil or using moisturizers regularly can help u to reduce wrinkles and lines from your face and make u look more young, pretty and confident.

How to take care of Natural Skin?

Skin shows your personality and need good care but this does not mean that one should spend lots and lots of money going to salon every time or undergoing skin care treatment every now and then. Our skin need a small baby like care which is possible even at home just by doing small things so as to take good care of it. A piece of papaya when applied is good for skin or water in which cabbage is boiled, when applied on your skin gives a soothing effect. Healthy diet has always proved to be a good stimulate for nice and natural glowing skin. Eating cauliflower and apply can keep your skin soft, glowing and nourished. A scrub of one teaspoon milk powder and powdered mango peels when applied on face and hands give the best result on your skin.

Along with natural skin care treatments there are also many fast and effective skin care treatments which may not be very good for you but will definitely provide soft and glowing skin one desire. Use of lotions, creams and powders which are not organic, can provide smooth and glowing skin in short period of time. Also surgery and injections can add to your beauty and make your skin perfect as u desire.

To get good and glowing skin you can vanish it, eat healthy diet or use simple natural and herbal products. Nowadays cosmetics are given stress on but applying makeup on impaired or infected skin can worsen it. Only proper skin care can yield best results and the makeup blended with chemicals and other harmful materials can affect the skin’s health and make it more rash and dull.