Maryam Rajavi had a plan that saw Iran without the death penalty. She mentioned that all Iranian regime engagement should be made once the death penalty has been abolished. The continued executions in Iran have made collaboration with Mullahs to be hard. The only way to avoid ISIS is to evict the Iranian regime. The Iranian resistance president declared the plan of an Iran without the death penalty during the international conference on the occasion of world day against the death penalty and promoting womens rights in Iran.

She emphasized that executions and torture must be abolished, since all Iranian people want. The western government should set aside their inaction and silence over atrocities and execution of mullah’s religion. She believes that if westerners had talked about Iran’s human rights abuse, the mullah’s religion could never reach other nations like Iraq and Syria. Mrs. Rajavi emphasised and urged the whole world to stand against the ruthless massacre in Iran and other Mullah Religion nations.

The plan of Iran without the death penalty

The plan of future Iran without the death penalty revolves around womens rights in Iran. Also, the plan aims at ending all forms of abuse like torture in Iran. The Iran resistant movement led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi has been fighting for death penalty abolition and all other human rights abuse. The plan includes:
• Reviving conciliation, tolerance, and friendship among Iran and other nations.
• Putting an end to mullah’s religion. Wonens is Iran are the most affected citizens by the Mullah’s religion. Therefore, the resistance is rejecting any form of abuse and inhuman penal code.
• Promoting other laws based on compassion, forgiveness, and humility. For example, the resistant leader ordered Khomeini’s agents' arrest without violating their human rights. This translates to a better tradition in Iranian people and the nation.
• Instituting dynamic, independent, and free judiciary for all Iranian people.
• Promoting freedom, democratic values, sanctity, and equality of every human being in Iran, especially women. Mrs. Maryam knew what women in Iran were going through when seeking justice in any government justice system. This will open a new way for all people to be served. 
• The plan will not allow torture, and the defendant will not be deprived of their defence rights. No one will be denied access to justice.
• No denial of right and freedom just because you believe or not in a certain religion or abandoning it.
• Mrs. Maryam Rajavi's plan will ensure that every citizen, including wonens is Iran, will enjoy equal rights and genuine security.

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The main purpose of execution

Mullah’s religion aims to bring terror to society and suffocate social protests. They have made the killing of innocent people a daily routine. They crush people’s hearts, conscience, and minds by hanging their relatives in front of them.

Torture, gouging of eyes, amputation of limbs, stoning, and execution have been legalised and institutionalised by this regime. Another excuse for execution done by the people following Mullah’s religion is using the Islamic Verdict. However, the Quran and Islamic dynamism does not allow these inhuman verdicts. However, the rule of this regime existence depends largely on the death penalty. This is the only way to prevent protests in the streets and public rage outbursts. Therefore, without the death penalty, Mullah will not have anything to use for depriving people of their rights and freedom.