Published on : 28 May 20192 min reading time

Women are seen to be more conscious about their beauty than man. May be Man do not have much of the “actual beauty” and features that we mean today. It is known to all of us that since the beginning of human civilization, there had been a tough competition regarding health and beauty, between man and woman and also between woman and woman. Every human being on this earth wants to look more beautiful than others. People always wanted to be healthier and more beautiful than those around them. Since ages people have also tried out things to become the most beautiful living creature on this earth.
Numerous stories existed that talked about the beauty of women as women being on the first position. Women can be considered as most beautiful among the all living beings on this earth, women try each and every possible thing to make them more and more beautiful.The various local, national and international beauty pageants are a living testimony to this human obsession for beauty and perfection. Today more and more fashion shows and events are taking place which depicts the great competitive feelings in the human race regarding beauty and of course health.

Looking good, beautiful and staying healthy is the top priority for all modern men and women.