Teen girls should also take much care of their diet and adopt the healthy diet programs. They should have perfect diet plans and consider taking best diet. These are some of the great healthy eating tips for the teen girls which will help keep them healthy.
1-    Drink more water. This is basically the most important thing of all. If you drink more water you will be healthier. It flushes the toxins out of your body plus makes your skin clearer and gives it a healthy glow.
2-    Make sure you’re getting three-square meals a day, and have them last at least 20 minutes, so you’re not eating excess food you don’t need.
3-    Try healthy alternatives, instead of having a bowl of ice-cream, opt for a frozen yogurt. Or try having apple slices instead of potato chips.
4-    When you have breakfast be sure to get dairy, protein, and fruit into your breakfast which is must for the girls.
5-    Go for healthy substitutions, if you’re making brownies and it calls for cooking oil substitute oil for apple sauce. It will be healthier and make them moister!
6-    You could have some bacon, with a glass of milk, and a bowl of fruit! That would be very healthy.