What supplements help with brain fog and memory?

There are many supplements on the market that claim to help with brain fog and memory. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. Some of the most popular supplements for brain fog and memory include omega-3 fatty…

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skin repair cream

How does skin repair cream work?

There are a variety of skin repair creams available on the market, like Avene repairing cream, each promising to help heal and repair damaged skin. But how do these creams work? Most skin repair creams contain a combination of active…

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Over the last decades, medical tourism has rapidly grown to success with Turkey being among the countries offering great medical care. The world going through globalization has resulted in borders losing their significance in healthcare and a lot of benefits…

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Maryam Radjavi

Maryam Rajavi: the future in Iran without the death penalty

Maryam Rajavi had a plan that saw Iran without the death penalty. She mentioned that all Iranian regime engagement should be made once the death penalty has been abolished. The continued executions in Iran have made collaboration with Mullahs to…

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The benefits of quinoa for the hair

On the food side, you appreciate quinoa, this grass (also called “pseudo-cereal”) which helps you to vary the pleasures, to replace wheat pasta, and which sweetens your mixed salads. Gluten-free, quinoa is perfect for providing a source of protein, fatty…

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The Islamic Republic of Iran is considered as a human rights blackboard

Arbitrary arrests, threats, executions: in the country of the mullahs, forty years after the proclamation of the Islamic Republic, repression continues to strike defenders of freedoms and critical voices of the regime. His speeches were in contrast to those of…

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The UN condemnation of the human rights violations in Iran

The Iranian regime has a long and well-documented a history of serious human rights violations committed over the past 40 years and of inertia when it comes to changing the situation. Since 1985, the Office of the United Nations High…

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Discrimination in Iran: Women and girls

Women continued to face systematic discrimination in legislation and practice, including in matters of divorce, employment, inheritance and access to political office, as well as in the family and criminal law. Authorities continued to monitor and restrict the overseas travel…

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What is the National Council of Resistance of Iran?

As the movement for regime change progresses in Iran and Resistance networks made significant progress in organizing demonstrations and mobilizing against Ali Khamenei’s dictatorship, the CNRI, the opposition coalition, called on the international community to adopt a wise policy towards…

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The situation of women in the world: a long way to go!

March 8 is officially International Women’s Day since its promulgation by the United Nations in 1977. But well before that date, women were fighting for their rights all over the world. Fortunately, victories have been achieved over time, but there…

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