On the food side, you appreciate quinoa, this grass (also called "pseudo-cereal") which helps you to vary the pleasures, to replace wheat pasta, and which sweetens your mixed salads. Gluten-free, quinoa is perfect for providing a source of protein, fatty acids and other nutrients. But if it has many virtues as a food to cook, know that its benefits are not limited to our plate.

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The ingredient that saves your hair

Indeed, quinoa is also used in some cosmetic products. This is the case of the serum for split ends of the hair brand Virtue. If we talked to you a few weeks ago about its hair oil sold out at Sephora, know that the American brand reveals many other nuggets. Like this serum, which comes to nourish and protect the most split ends (we know all the damage that can cause external aggressions, such as heating appliances).

Composed of hydrolized quinoa, pea protein and baobab seed oil, this serum for split ends is simply based on the beliefs of the Incas, several millennia old! Indeed, they saw the quinoa as a sacred plant, and we understand better why. Its richness in proteins and amino acids is not only a strength and a significant benefit for the body, but also for the hair. Quinoa will help repair the hair fiber in depth: your hair will be healthier and less damaged (in just a few days!). Unfortunately, if your split ends are well established, there is only one solution: cut them off!