Published on : 29 May 20196 min reading time

A lot of articles have been seen, that are created on how to become a healthy teenager, and most of them are mainly for girls. The teenage years are very important for starting some healthy and hygienic habits that will last a lifetime, whether for boys or girls. But girls I think need some extra attention while taking care of their health and hygiene related issues.
Here are some tips for teenage girls who want to start and stay healthy and hygienic.

Never starve yourself

Teen aged girls are often seen, which are very much diet conscious and want to be skinny. But I say that Never starve yourself to be skinny, you’ll end up looking ugly or even worse you could die! Girls should be health conscious and cared about their diet, but too much of starving is bad for health.

You can adopt the better ways for keeping yourself slim and sexy. You could exercise daily and Start eating healthier. This will make you healthier without starving. Healthy foods may include fruits, green leafy vegetables, salads, etc. which can make you fit and look younger forever.

Start exercising daily

Whether it’s walking in the park, or doing a couple of crunches do at least 20 minutes of physical activity every day. Not only will it make you slimmer, sexier, beautiful and toned, it will also make you stronger. You can soon find yourself running an extra mile without stopping with a side cramp.

You could go to the local gym and practice swimming laps or running on the treadmill. You could even buy a couple workout DVD’s from the store and workout in the comfort of your own home, if you don’t want to go out. Whatever it is, exercising is about being healthy and happy about your body.

Manage Your Sleeping Hours

Being more active on work, play, etc. teenage bodies need more sleep than adult bodies. They want at least 9 hourly comfort sleep. Especially if you have to wake up early. Just shut off your phone and anything else that could keep you up and shut your eyes. You might say I can’t sleep though.

Well that’s because you’re not trying. If you actually lie silently and close your eyes you’ll be waking up for the next morning in no time.

Teen girls more often work a lot like study, play, work, offices, etc. They therefore need some special management of their healthy sleep and sleeping hours without which they can feel restless after an inappropriate sleep, the whole day long

Wash Your Face at least 3 Times in a Day

Girls are seen to be more affected by the pimples. So they need to wash their face regularly to avoid some. Washing your face with a clean water and gentle soap can reduce the possibilities of having more pimples on your face. Of course you cannot avoid it at all but you can prevent it to some extent by washing your face at regular intervals of time.

You should not scrub your face hard. But massage it gently. Rub in circular motions slowly and gently. You should also not pop pimples as they lead to scarring and an infected and more pimples.

Wash Your Clothes Daily

Teenage girls should wash their under garments like panties and bras daily unless they have more than one. However you can use your outer fits for more than once but avoid using more than thrice.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy is really important if you want to be a healthy teen girl. You don’t need to go on a full blown diet, but you might want to cut back on all the salts and sugars your devouring.

You should add some protein, iron and calcium rich diets in your food. Be sure to add some dairy products to fulfill all these needs.

Take Extra Care during Periods

Teen girls, in their tender age should take an extra care of their body during the periods. At this age girls have little knowledge about it and thus needs to know about it in detail. Fetch the internet sources, women magazines, etc. to know much about it as it is an important time of your life and you have to face it each month. You should keep an eye at your pads and napkins you are using. Change them at once when needed.

This will make you feel comfortable, clean and hygienic. You should also take care of your diet during this period, as you can be one among them who feels weakness during this time. You should in this case take some extra calcium and iron which fulfills the requirement of hemoglobin.

Avoid Eating Oily

Eating of too much of oily food can lead you to a fatness which can be the major problem when you will be woman. Teen age girls at this age only should avoid taking too much of oily and fatty products which will help them look slim and sexy for their whole life.

Shave your legs under arms and hands

Girls need to look sexy and beautiful. I think every teen aged girl like you will love to be. You can look more beautiful and charming when you are smooth. Thus you should regularly shave your under arms and legs, however you can also use waxing and other products for it.

Some of the girls also have some hairs on their upper lips. They should keep an eye on that and remove it when they appear.

Wash your Hairs Thrice Daily

As girls have longer hairs than boys they should keep them clean by washing it regularly. If you are comfortable you can wash it every day. This will make your scalp clean and fresh.

You will also feel cooler by washing it daily. Extra care should be taken while choosing a shampoo and conditioner for your hairs. You don’t need conditioner but it helps if you get knots or tangles easily. Take the help of the expert about it if needed.