First and most important one is full stop on your parties. Think of the enjoyment you had up til now and the results which it has given in shaping of your body. If it is however necessary to go to parties, then keep control on you food you eat. Avoid the things which can give excess calories and fat to your body like cakes, pastries, sweets, etc.If you can do this you can do all that which will follow…
Taking a walk for half an hour daily in the morning is enough in starting the walking habits for those who have not ever taken the walks. Walking regularly for some months can give you a perfect figure by burning excess fat from your body. Because it is said that walk is the solution and remedy to thousands of the problems in the body. Half of which can be only controlled or totally removed from our body by adapting the walking habits. So make it a daily routine to walk for at least half an hour for 2 weeks and then increasing the time weeks by weeks…..
You always had New Year resolution in the starting of the year. This time make one of this as your resolution, that you will do all that which you have not done , to loose fat or to maintain slim figure this year.
Always take food in more frequencies and not in more quantity. In a day eating smaller amount 6 times and not eating larger amounts 3 times can also help you to digest the food properly and also helps it not to accumulate in the form of fats in the body.
Don’t make food as your weak point and try to control your self even if you see some favorite and delicious dishes of your choice. These dishes can really make you more fat which can increase your obesity. Control on your self will make you prepared for not having these food in large quantity but only taste a little and not harming your body.
Eating habits are also to be controlled. Only eat, quantity of food which is required for fulfilling your hunger requirements and is necessary for your body. Never eat too much just for enjoying your tongue and taste. It can harm your body same as, the over oiling of your vehicle or machine can harm your vehicle or any machinery. Some people keep on eating in taste even when their stomach is over filled and doesn’t have any further limits of filling it further.
According to the recent survey some of the women when having their hormonal changes just before menstruation, have their “love for food” at its highest level. They take much food during this time because they thinks that food is a part of energy provider for them at this time. But they don’t know actually that the most of the things that they are eating is only for fulfilling their hunger for tongue and taste and not for providing them energy.
Only loving the foods which are loved by your body and not loved by your tongue can give you a perfect slim figure which you always want to have. This types of foods are also good for health and will help you in lowering down the fats in your body.