Today 0 dress size or 0 figures is said to be the perfect and ideal figure of women. Whether it’s the case in America or India, women of today wants to be in a zero size and wants to dress up zero so as to look zero and get the ideal figure. Today feminine ideal of beauty keeps getting smaller and skinnier and many of the women are even striving to achieve the bony beauty ideal which was in many places yesterday’s ugliness. Women are today dieting the most which they have not done ever before. They are exercising most of their free time and also many times try to get the zero size by not eating at all. Women and especially the Teen aged girls, today all over the world, are feeling the pressure to lower down their diet and food in order to fit into that perfect size “0″ dress. They sometimes diet a lot and exercise a lot and in some cases do not eat at all for many continuous hours and even for many days. These all sometimes results in to the point of causing low weight related health problems and eating disorders such as anorexia. The conditions in which women is living today to get the ideal size are the serious signs of trouble, and women need to know that they do not have to starve themselves or cause themselves inner harm just to look “ideal” from the outside. Women should realize that starving excessive dieting and exercising are not the proper ways for losing weight and getting the ideal size. Women if are serious about their health and figure should always use the other right and preferred ways that can help them lose weight without negatively affecting their body. Today various weight loss foods for women are available that are helping out them without affecting them negatively. These plenty of weight loss foods also helps them to lose weight and in getting thin healthily and while enjoying their favorite food eating them heartily. If you have tried out many of the methods for losing your weight and have not been achieved, there is a best option for you which can reduce your weight and helps you in getting Zero Size in few weeks. This will work naturally and will have no side effects on your body. This popular and best product is provided to you by Proactol, which is medically certified and has already helped in loosing weight effectively to many of the women. You should at least try it once. To know more about it just visit their site of Poactol- Natural way to to get zero size.