It’s for long time when women have been struggling to achieve the ideal size and ideal figure for them in order to fit into that zero size which is the craze of today. Women today wants to have the ideal size that may be different for different women. Fad diets and various diet pills are used by the women to get the zero figure but these may be the improper ways by which women is trying to get their goals. Women of today are also indulging in various unhealthy activities such as excessive dieting and exercising22 and also the starving to get the zero figures and lose weight in a least time. But these are not the real things which can help you in long run. Mainly the thing which can help you the most is the healthy lifestyle changes. The healthy lifestyles conditions, that you may need to adopt, is to be committed and followed regularly to achieve your goals. After getting the true and perfect lifestyles that are helpful for you, you should study and include the common weight loss foods that will help you to reduce your weight and attain the zero figures for yourself. If you work the foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice, oats, and herbal tea into your diet while leaving out any foods that are high in fat, sugar, cholesterol or salt out of your diet, you can wean yourself off any food addictions and attain the perfect body for your size and frame. These are only the few of the weight loss foods for women and there are many more that are common and uncommon for women and help the women in getting the ideal size and zero figures. For example, carob, and pulses are both super weight loss foods for women. In snacks you can try out the unsalted nuts or jacketed potatoes, and if you want to go completely vegan try tofu and a vegan salad with olive oil dressing. If you are the women who enjoy yogurt, low-fat live yogurt is a weight loss food that is both tasty and nutritious to you and helps you most in making your ideal size and zero figures in least time.