The beauty industry has seen it all when it comes to eyelashes, heated curlers, “miracle” growth serums, magnifying mascaras, you name it. But no beauty trend is as polarizing as lash extensions. The benefits of eyelash extensions go beyond eliminating the need to apply mascaras or use falsies; they give immense confidence and glamour throughout the day.

Where should you get them?

Lash extensions are a beauty service where you get what you pay for. It takes a great deal of time to do lashes properly and to apply them correctly. So it makes sense to carefully choose the best eyelash extension salon.

Client photos on sites like Instagram and Yelp, reviews, and personal recommendations from friends are invaluable in providing insight into the styles of lashes available and the quality of service. is one great spot you can consider - it has professionals that offer high-quality lash extension services.

Pros of Eyelash Extensions

Every woman wishes to have long, full, dark, feathery lashes and this technique is probably one of the greatest beauty trends for luscious and fluttery lashes. Here’s why:

Save time

One of the biggest pros of eyelash extensions is it saves you time. Getting eyelash extensions can remove a step or two from your beauty routine. Since the lash extensions are fixed to your current eyelashes, you won’t need to lengthen or darken them. And since they are already curled, you won’t have to use a lash curler.
Additionally, lashes will make you feel and look more confident that you may not need to put more eye makeup, cutting down your beauty routine.

Look awake and youthful

More natural than a strip of falsies yet more dramatic than mascara, lash extensions look fabulous when done right. Thick, long, and dark lashes make your eyes pop out. This makes you appear fresher and younger, giving your eyes an additional brightness.

Eliminate the need to apply mascara

With lash extensions, you don’t have to wear mascara ever again as they make your eyes pop. While you can use mascara with lash extensions, it isn’t recommended. This is because when you take the mascara off at the end of the day, you can cause the extensions to break from the friction and makeup remover.

If you insist on wearing mascara in addition to the extensions be sure to apply it lightly on the tips of the extensions. Applying mascara at the base of the lash extensions will get very clumpy.

They can last for months

With proper care, lash extensions can last for six to eight weeks, beyond that, they will gradually fall out on their own like your natural lashes usually do. But with regular fills, your lash extensions will last for quite some time.

Book an appointment with a specialized technician and get your eyelash extensions right away.