Modern women of today is now found working in all the fields including that of house hold works which she has been doing from the very past. The time had changed very much and women has seen many changes which she had to face and forced to except. Now women of modern world are totally independent and can live all alone also without the help of any one. She is now considered equal to men and sometimes superior to them at some places and in some fields. But this has not changed in all the parts of the world. Women today needs to do the work because most of the families are now requiring more than one person in the house just to meet the daily expenses and in fulfilling all the basic needs in life. In early times when women have just started working, there was an assumption by many of the people, businesses and companies that men should receive more money, for the same job, because they were originally the “bread winners” for the family. Many of the areas, regions and places are there which are today also imposing the limitations on women and are not supported as they are in other places. There are many of the limitations for the career developments for these working women. Modern Women and working women of today are now facing many stressful and tough conditions due to their two jobs at one time. Although working women of most of the places are now not totally responsible for the household jobs and homemaking duties like dinner preparation, cleaning, shopping and childcare, they have to face through both the outer jobs as well as household jobs at many of the places. Women are taught before and also now about not complaining any of the things even if they can’t face it properly. They are taught about not complaining about the two careers that they assume, working outside the home and also as the center of home activities.