Although Women have come a long way from the tough times they have seen in the past, many of the women in this world are forced to see those tough times today also. They are ignored by the family members and are not seen as equal to the men. Many of the places are also there where girl child are killed before they see the world and in many places girl child are forced to do the work which even an adult find difficult to do. Women although have achieved much than before and come a long way to achieving equality they are still spending the tough times because they have to work and care for the family simultaneously. Working women of today while going out for work have to face the many of the negative behaviors. It may be at the transportation places or may be in offices. Women when going out for work can’t care for their family and children as effectively as they can. The household chores and her responsibilities towards her children and husband automatically lower down and thus they have to face many of the difficulties managing these all simultaneously. Working women of today even do not effectively care about their meals and health conditions. Proper health tips for working women should be provided so as to make them healthy and fit and help grow the society and living. Even though many of the men are cooperative and willing to share the household chores and child care, there are also many present who doesn’t care for the women and see no reason why they should cooperate with women. They force the women to work hard and hard. Many women in these cases have to postpone giving birth to children until they achieve some goals in the life and make their career so that they can stand all alone on their legs. This is also causing the fertility rate to drop down and many of the women are unable to get the happiness of child they should get.