Whether you are trying to save your money for the coming baby or you simply don’t have extra money to spend, these will help you a lot to make you save your money. You can work on getting pregnant without breaking the bank Fds for you or even asking some helps from others. Here are some quick tips to save money on getting pregnant: Get your vitamins and irons at the regular store. Prenatal vitamins are a must if you are trying to conceive. these vitamins are also prescribed by your practitioner and can be some expensive ones.You don’t really need the prescription vitamin all the time unless you are suffering from some serious conditions, consider a generic prenatal vitamin from the grocery store or even an appropriate multivitamin approved by your doctor or midwife. These normal vitamins works as effectively as the expensive ones prescribed by your practitioner. Not only will it be a safety net for your dietary habits but it will also help you prepare for the added needs of pregnancy they will give you and your baby the extra diets needed for you. This means not too much Vitamin A and enough folic acid. You can save hefty co-pays or other out of pocket expenses using some inexpensive vitamins. You can also consider buying some of the expensive medicines and vitamins prescribed by your doctors in bulk online or some whole sale market. The cheaper ones hardly matters. This can save your money and time both. When you know that the particular drug is to be consumed regularly and for a long you can help it out and take your decisions of buying them in bulk. Using basal body temperatures (BBT) to predict ovulation. The basal body temperatures (BBT) is a way to track your body’s signs of ovulation. You simply need a special, but inexpensive thermometer, to use for daily temperature taking and something to track the temperatures. You can use either pen and paper or you can use some of the free sites online. (You could pay for a site but we’re talking about saving money!) Also Consider a reusable ovulation prediction kit. If you do not wish to use basal body temperature charting to try to get pregnant, consider using ovulation prediction in a reusable form. The most common would be a small microscope used to detect a ferning pattern using your saliva or vaginal secretions. The nice thing is that you can test multiple times a day without breaking the bank. Each microscope lasts several years worth of use. You can also use something like Cycle Beads, to chart your menstrual cycles with a grouping of beads. Buy pregnancy tests kits in bulk or online. When you start trying to conceive, you will likely start taking pregnancy tests when your period is late showing some signs of pregnancy. To take a pregnancy test is to spend a lot of money. Consider also buying your pregnancy tests at the dollar or discount stores or ordering in bulk online. Don’t think that you can get by with just one pregnancy test. The vast majority of women take multiple pregnancy tests even after a big fat positive.