There are various reasons why women just loves and prefer to work than just being a plain housewife. These can be explained as:
Women also want to take part in family earning and help her family in all the possible ways. They want to help their spouses in order to fulfill the family needs. Today it has been seen that a single earner cannot manage all the family needs so to manage it all women wants to contribute keeping in mind their love for their work they want to do.Women want to secure themselves for future. As it has been seen that many marriages failed by all reasons. They then have no financial background where they can get the help and support. At that period of time in her life it is very depressing for women to manage all that which is needed to run a smooth living. Being independent financially can secure women when their marriages do not work out anymore. They in this way can have the power to live independently and do not have to beg their hands in front of any one. Women like to express themselves and need to show the potentials and creative nature they have. They need to be recognized in the world that they can do something important for the family and society. They want to show that they can also do all that which a man can do and they are in no manner behind man. Women want to have their family on a safe side. Although their husbands can earn much, it does not mean that there is no threats and risks for them in the future. Husbands can get fired at any time, or their business can be in danger or they are in a condition when they are not earning much from their business. That is why if women can earn money themselves (may be low), they can support their husbands by being the safety belt and thus keeping their family on the safe side at that bad time. Good for Luxury Needs. Some of the women are more luxurious than others. Some of them need more luxurious items and well maintained life styles. Although they know that their husband cannot afford that they have their desire for all that. By experiencing the difficulties of earning money, women can understand that it is unwise to spend their husbands’ earnings on unnecessary things or luxurious items. Working women usually become wiser in managing money. From the above few reasons it is wise for husbands to help their women do, what they want, to grow their career. This will effectively make them more responsible and more caring towards you. Thus it is recommended to have your spouse working. It will bring a lot of good things for the whole family, as long as they can put the family on the top priority. They will manage it all because women can do much than man to grow the family. They have all the powers to do it simultaneously. But what should always be remembered is that they should be working not to compete with their spouses but to support each other in building family wealth and grow their family together. So Be Happy and Work Together to Grow Your Family and Lifestyles….