Although Lasik eye surgery is not recommended for the pregnant women, it can be very much useful and prove to be beneficial to the women and men of today if they want to reduce the reliance on glasses or contact lenses. Here is a brief description of laser eye surgery and the approximate prices and costs. There are 2 main types of laser eye surgery and they are Lasik and Lasek eye surgery. Laser eye surgery price is generally the same regardless of which procedure you choose. If you are concerned about price, then you will be unable to have either Intralase or Wavefront as these are premium options. Laser eye surgery results are generally better if you have these premium treatments and that’s why people are often prepared to pay the extra money. The average price for laser eye surgery is about £2200 for both eyes but this will vary from clinic to clinic. You may find clinics in large cities such as London, are more expensive then in smaller less well known cities. Clinics that produce better laser eye surgery results are likely to charge money as they are more likely to give you 20:20 vision. Expect to pay an additional £300 per eye for both wavefront and Intralase and this is something you will have to weigh up. If your only concern is getting the very best laser eye surgery then the procedure of choice is Intralase Lasik with Wavefront.