A well balanced and perfect diet can affect a lot to you during pregnancy. Maintaining a perfect diet throughout this period will keep you healthy and in turn gives you a healthy baby.
Pregnant ladies are always advised to do or not to do some particular things from their parents and grand parents. They are always advised don’t do exercises, don’t eat this and eat only this food etc. etc. etc.
Some of these advices matters a lot and some don’t at all and are only a kind of superstition and myths.
Take care of a perfect diet during pregnancy.
Only thinking of a healthy baby will not get you one but you will have to do some changes in your daily routine and activities also you have to give some time to your self. According to the famous gynecologist Ritu Singh “patients should always have a full and a balanced diet during pregnancy because the baby inside is only dependent on her mother. To have a safe delivery and a proper growth of the baby, a balanced diet is a must for all pregnant women”