Wedding day, as the topic tells it all, is one of the most important day in a woman’s life. A single woman on this earth always dreams about her wedding day when she was child. Marriage is such a lovely occasion for women in her life that every women cares and loves the day thinking about it . She cares and thinks about when she will get tied to a knot of marriage along with a beautiful relationship which changes her life completely.

According to men its just about signing some papers and get involved into but women is much more deeply attached to it because she fantasize about her coming wedding day from the childhood. Women want much more than just documents. For a women being a bride is their biggest dream in their life. Although people today love to remain unmarried, move together and enjoy their life, but after a certain period of time they want someone to share all that which they can’t share with their best friends and relatives. This is called as married and thus it takes into affect into our lives. After which they can live together as husband and wife for years or may be forever.

Woman always dreamt of the most beautiful day of her life, a most romantic and loving day in her life. It matters more to her because on this very day she becomes a beautiful looking bride in a white dress and this is the day when she looks the prettiest in her whole life. She looks prettiest infront of the whole crowd and she stands out of the crowd as a princess. This is the day when her dreams were fulfilling and when all the eyes will be looking at her with all of their blessings for her. This is the main reason for why women just loves the wedding day and why wedding day is the most important day in her life . This is the occasion for her on which she is happiest in her life in which she enjoy every moment of it.

Women love to be like a princess in her white wedding dress. She loves to sit beside her right man. She loves the day much and start planning the party long before. She always want the day to be the best day in her life and plan for all that which will fill the day with all the happy moments in her life. She just love to wear all that extra ornaments and extra cosmetics and beauty products which is purchased for the day so that she can look prettier and beautiful.

In this complex world of today where there are majority of working women, most of the working women want to be married before 25 and others do not think themselves to be prepared for marriage at 30 also. But I personally think that right age for women to get married is before 25. But it should be up to woman that when she feel comfortable, when she feels that she can manage with her second life and cope up with the new partner and family members, then only she had to get engaged and get married. As it is a big and challenging responsibility for her for whole of her life.

After women gets Engaged and preparing herself for her new life starting after her marriage, she starts thinking about the day when she will be in the wedding party, sitting with her life partner, with that all beautiful dresses and ornaments, she thinks lot and lot for her future. These all are so exciting for her that she can not express them in words. But the nervousness and stress increases as the day of wedding decreases.

Most of the women are seen so worried for everything to be perfect on her wedding day that they won’t even gets the time to enjoy it. This becomes a punishment for her and she hardly enjoy the day of her wedding. As women dreams of, wedding can be not so luxurious for all. Women dreams of the expensive marriage and a rich husband. But the dreams had to be changed and she has to compromise with a small one. The future husband is not always rich and the expectations always cannot be fulfilled. But the husband always tries to fulfill all her expectations being not rich. He tries to make her happy by his love and then the women get all that which is much more important than the richness. Their main dream will come true. But after all these truth it is also true that the magical day will have to go by and they have the tapes and photographs in their hands to watch. Just by which they can be happy about it……